Founded in 2018 Queensland Farm Management and Training, was established by brothers Rodney and Roy Prestia after identifying a need for reliable well trained workforces specifically in the horticultural sector.

“We were amazed by the amount of workers that were not properly trained” said Rodney Prestia Managing Partner of QFMT.

“We would see all the time workers just get thrown into a picking trolley without the proper inductions or training, then leave disillusioned because lack of training ultimately lead to lack of productivity”.

Queensland Farm Management and Training like our name suggests specializes in the adequate training and management of reliable staff to all facets of the horticultural industry.

A well trained staff member is a productive one , therefore we take the time to train a fully mobilised workforce, therefore enabling increased productivity.

We specialise in farm placement of the right candidates , we can only achieve this by working in unison with our clients to get a clear understanding of their requirements,, we then work back armed with an understanding of the farmers needs and by working in unison with both farmer and employee alike are able to provide harvest labour solutions that are mutually beneficial.

We work with large scale, reputable companies whom take pride in offering their employees a platform to enable them an enjoyable experience in a safe and harmonious and compliant environment.

QFMT takes pride in ensuring that all our workers are being trained, treated well and monitored at all times.

We pride ourselves on running ethical operation, based on honesty, integrity and commitment, Our workers are valued, respected, appreciated and thus provide a level of commitment which results in their experience not only being an enjoyable one but also financially rewarding.