QFMT, provide job placement on some of the largest farms in Australia.

Our role at QFMT is to take ownership of the harvest management for these organizations.

By working with large companies all of whom supply major Australian Supermarkets, it ensures that we are dealing with organizations that run their operations ethically with honesty and integrity.

Workers are properly trained.

We provide placement for you on farms that pride themselves on doing the right thing, by looking after their workforce their workforce in turn usually stay longer than 88 days as they are enjoying the work and making good money.

As licensed Labour Hire providers we do not just send you to the farm and wish you all the best, but rather we spend the time ensuring that you receive the proper training so that you are not only a competent worker, but you can make good money in the process.

At Queensland farm management and training we believe that a happy worker is a productive one and we ensure that we provide you the support and guidance throughout your employment to ensure that your time working on the farm is rewarding both emotionally and financially.