Queensland Farm Management and Training in conjunction with our Sister Company I Comply Horticultural Compliance Specialists works with growers across all aspects of compliance and Risk management with a particular focus on Compliance with regards to labour management

We focus on the following Core Areas of Compliance

1. Supply Chain Assurance and Management

it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to control key risks and complexities within their supply chain, Complex supply chains which can items involve the use of multiple transport arms and sectors before your product reaches its final destination can pose a significant risk to any organization. From any horticultural business perspective, the hard work is done at farm level ensuring your crop is being produced, harvested and packed, significant expense has occurred to get to this point, most corporations just place it on a truck with no real relevance to maintaining the supply chain to its end customer base. At QFMT we ensure that all processes from field to ultimately your end customer whether it be a major chain store outlet or market is managed ensuring that your supply chain with regards to traceability is managed to mitigate any risks that may arise

Our services for Supply Chain Assurance and Management include

  • Managing Supply Chain Risk
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Brand Reputation and Stakeholder engagement
  • Ethical Sourcing of Suppliers
  • Data Analysis and insight to drive competitive advantage

The recent Strawberry Contamination saga only highlighted how weak a supply chain can be and only highlights the need for more stringent management practices with regards to supply chain management.

Effective supply chain management can be challenging but it can also demonstrate to trade partners a significant level of comfort and enable expansion of business relationships due to your professionalism and willingness to ensure total traceability with regards to your supply chain.

Upon initial investigation and discussion, QFMT can help design a business solution that is developed specifically for your organization, ensuring the assurance service is built around your own business needs.

Much can be done to enable your business to effectively reduce risk within your supply chain, whilst leveraging the substantial opportunities created by a successful supply chain

2. Risk management

Queensland Farm Management and Training has in-depth knowledge and experience working in large scale corporations and has had firsthand experience on the ground identifying and managing risk for a broad facet of clientele.

  • Risks are present in all organizations and they need to be identified, assessed and managed to mitigate the effects of detrimental impact, irrespective of whether they stem from internal or external sources, the recent Strawberry Needle contamination that occurred in Queensland is a prime example of risks that can occur our need to implement stringent management to mitigate or reduce such exposure. QFMT has in-depth knowledge and experience working in large scale corporations and has had firsthand experience on the ground identifying and managing risk for a broad facet of clientele. Our services are linked to your strategic objectives, working alongside you ascertaining what your objectives are and analysing the best way moving forward with our risk management approach QFMT can assist you in the following key areas
  • Manage Organizational Improvement and mitigate your risks
  • Improve productivity and Business Agility
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase visibility on Risks and areas for improvement

Our Risk management Service include

a) Effective prevention action

Improvements to an organization’s processes taken to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other desirable situations of compliance

b) Risk assessment and incident investigation

Process risk assessment and incident investigation services which look at the business at a whole encompassing all facets from Health and Safety to Information security. QFMT will tailor its services to your specific risks whether they are internal, external customer or supplier related

3. Customized Training and Assurance

At QFMT we do not only implement systems with regards to compliance we also provide customized training to ensure that all employees not only have an adequate understanding of what we have implemented but are also able to effectively follow your path towards total compliance.

Our customized training and assurance services provide organization with a range of benefits including

  • Ad additional level of assurance to internal and external stakeholders that you are operating to the highest standards
  • Brand Reputation
  • Delivering against any corporate Social Responsibility commitments through customized verification and reporting
  • Competitive advantage through the identification of areas of improvement
  • Employee engagement through our range of customized training services

Following our initial investigation and discussion, each business solution is designed specifically for your organization. You can not compare apples with oranges nor can you have standardized training protocol across the board every horticultural crop is different and we take pride in getting an in-depth understanding of your organization then arrange customized training of your employees to ensure that they are all following the path that we will help you create towards total compliance

Our training will revolve around educating your staff around the changes that QFMT will implement to your organization to ensure total compliance, record keeping and tractability is only as good as the personnel that are implementing the data

At QFMT we believe that a well-trained staff is a productive one, We ensure that all your staff and key personnel are not only trained in what is required but also ensure that they are maintaining the adequate records that are required for total compliance.