Prosperous communities are those that value education and meaningful economic participation.

QFMT encourages the need for youth to receive early exposure to future job-ready skilling through the coordinated and relevant programming of “Vocational Education in Schools” and linking participants under the age of 25 years of age to comprehensive youth-focused programs, in the agriculture sector;

The pathway to a life of economic and social contribution begins in the home.  Similarly, our first skills are learnt in the home. Education must be accessible and valued.  Exposing the youth of today to the opportunities of tomorrow through programs such as VET in Schools is critical to ensure Australia’s youth, its very future, can see the value in and aspire to a journey of contribution to the food security of Australia through it Agriculture sector.

Vocational skills need to start in school, in an education system that showcases the careers of today and the future. Schooling also needs to offer the youth of a nation an early exposure to the skills required for the opportunities of the future both domestically and internationally.

Programs such as “Vocational Education in Schools” are critical to ensure Australia’s youth, its very future, can see the value in and aspire to a journey of contribution to a sector that is somewhat reliant on support from overseas labour. Such programs are the start of the skilling pathway from school to academy and, to be effective, must be singularly coordinated so the training offered aligns to the needs of industry and the availability of employment and business opportunities; now and into the future.

QFMT advocates a Youth Engagement Strategy inclusive of projects that are strongly focussed on the agriculture sector, and outline a series of actions and activities to achieve the objectives of ownership in education, training, small business enterprise employment”.

This provides youth with the tools, skills and networks that are needed to be successful in the development, re-establishment and enhancement of community development.

QFMT is developing relationships with multiple stakeholders across the Sunshine Coast with the objective to engage and empower young people in design, service delivery and capacity building through skilling, training, employment, small to medium business support and community development programs.